HD video | Peterborough 2013

The STRATA project looks at how technology has developed over time and how our landscape is shaped through processes of civilisation. Local materials as wood and clay were used to construct early settlement structures with thatched roofs. To burn the clay for producing bricks was a significant step in the development of long(er) lasting housing. A starting point was the exploration of the surrounding fen landscape characterised by a symbiotic relation between land and water, where the construction of dykes was necessary to access otherwise unreachable areas.

Isolated visual elements are edited by using montage and transitions to achieve a flow within the narrative. By merging layers of present and past the work critically investigates representation(s) of reality. As the reconstructed historic material is mediated via digital images it appears as real in the end. As a result 'present' and 'historic' sources seem rather indistinguishable.

produced during a residency at Metal Culture Peterborough and exhibited at the 'STILL' exhibition, City Gallery Peterborough in 2013 commissioned by curator Simon Poulter

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