DVD | 6:10 min
Liverpool & Berlin | © 2003 – 2007

The main scenes were recorded in Berlin and some additional footage was made in Liverpool. It's a collaborational dance performance video project of Chilean Choreographer & dance artist Julieta Figueroa and Markus Soukup. ROLES ROLL examines concepts of linearity. Opposed to circularity, repetition and oscillation the project explores interruption as impulses for non-linear principles.
A significant basis for the performative narrative was the exploration of a situation appearing to be safe or stable on it's surface, but being rather fragile, easily to distract, distorted or quickly out of it's balance.

directed by Markus Soukup | sound by Igor Hax
camera & edit by M. Soukup
camera support by Dounia Chama
dance performance by Julieta Figueroa
balancing & falling down person by M. Soukup