digital video | 8:40 min | Porto | 2019

The ‘Quixote’ video contains filmed fragments, which were assembled without having a pre-developed script. The resulting montage creates a mysterious subjective experience. The starting point for the work relates to the idea of ‘re_feeling’ connected to a certain level of nostalgia of passed time(s), place(s) and memories, which are attempted to be ‘re_visited’ or ‘re_experienced’.
A certain degree of this concept’s impossibility results in finding something actually very different and ‘re_freshingly’ new. During the start of the filming process I encountered a memory card failure, which made it necessary to re_capture some of the material a few days after the first attempt. It was quite strange to try to ‘re_walk’ the same route and to find the situations & elements, which had fallen into my eye, again. It made me realise that it is rather impossible to ‘re_enact’ the same route of photographic or video-graphic capturing as even just a few days later the conditions varied. The ‘re_framing’ of the same elements produced a(n) (at least slightly) different result.