DVD | 5 min | 3D & 2D animation
Liverpool - Leipzig | © 2005

The integrity-project brings together a 3D-animated split-screen narrative with ‘thrown in’ elements of animated text. These fragments of text are synonyms or antonyms to the title integrity and provide an additional layer of expression. The 3D-animated part can be understood as a virtual sculpture. Its characteristics point towards the edge where perception processes of sculptures or objects are defined similar to film work. The split screen version represents three perspectives of the virtual kinetic installation at the same time. The movement of the figurine (the main character) is situated in between a changing environment which on the one hand seems to be fragmented and randomized but on the other hand stable, where every element is determined by a defined position. (Only one of the three spatial coordinates of each jigsaw piece changes.) The work formulates in an abstract way how different elements or aspects shape a situation (- such as experience, memory, place or identity). And furthermore it explores paradoxical relations of independence & dependence and at the same time it questions freedom & decision.